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The Last Chapter

Welcome! If you are here, then you have finished The Treasures of My Heart. First, I want to say thank you for your investment in my story and the time you took to read how God hid treasures in my heart to help me survive the life I was given. The Treasures of My Heart was always going to be the first book I wrote but, God had other plans and made it my second. My first book, The Journey of Josephine, is the raw and painful story of my life. It tells the tale of how God saw a broken little girl and used a rag doll to help her get through the tragedies of life. Its a story of shattered pieces of my life on the floor with no way of putting them back together again. While The Journey of Josephine is a story of how God used a ragdoll to help me on a journey to wholeness, forgiveness, healing and triumph, The Treasures of My Heart tell exactly how He did that. 
     Everyone’s  lives are a journey. You don’t get from one place to another without acquiring some life experience. Each one of us has a story, and I am so grateful you took the journey to learn about mine! It is my hope that reading mine will help you to see the big picture of yours. I hope you see you are not alone, and that you never will be.  
    At this point in my journey, I am a mother of six⸺yes, six⸺adult children and I have a total of thirteen precious grandchildren who you’ve already learned a little bit about. They are some of my greatest treasures, as you’ve read in the pages of my book. In 2021, I sold my home of twenty-five years and about 95% of my belongings and moved from Buffalo, New York to Brunswick, Georgia. Three of my six children already lived in the South, and so it just made sense. 
     My first year in Georgia I spent traveling for my job. I work for Nielsen Ratings, so where I lived didn’t really matter since I was gone all the time anyway. I could see my friends and children and grandchildren from the places they lived and the places I was sent. In December 2022 my position was abruptly dissolved, and I found myself stuck in one place with no friends and no history with anything or anyone around me. I was so alone, and I felt like a dying transplant with nothing to help my roots dig into the soil and nothing to help me to bloom. I was so unbelievably lonely. My daughter only lived an hour from me, but because of our schedules we dont  see each other a lot. I knew I had to find something that would fill my soul again. Eventually, I found an incredible place on Jekyll Island in Brunswick: Driftwood Beach. I began going there to write. I put a notebook app on my phone, and when I got to the beach I’d speak into it and then transfer it off the app once I got home. I spent hours there writing my first book, The Journey of Josephine, which only took me three-and-a-half weeks to write simply because the story had been burning in my heart for over twenty years, just waiting to be told. I found solace in writing and spent countless days there at the edge of the water. The hours I spent there became my healing time, and before too long my next book was taking its turn on the beach with my microphone: The Treasures of my Heart. I enjoyed writing this book more than I can say, because I was constantly being reminded that God was always near. I just had to look deep within my soul for healing, and He brought it to me through these treasures. 
     Since then, I’ve taken baby steps in growing roots here in Georgia. I have started making friends with other authors and ladies all over sixty who have been through their own set of struggles. They’ve added me to their group, and we go out every Tuesday night for dinner. I have ventured out into the community and grown to enjoy more than just the beach. I joined an author reading group, where we meet once a month getting  a chance to read something we wrote. I’ve joined other groups and someone from one of them contacted me and asked if we could meet. We did and I think I found another friend. I am also working on my third book which is still in the very early stages: The God Who Sees. It’s a collaboration of stories about women from the Bible, for women. My goal for this coming book is simply to remind women everywhere that God has an answer for every situation you can imagine. I am beyond excited about it, but I can’t share all my secrets yet! Keep an eye out for it in a year or two. 
     Again, thank you for being part of my journey,  to women everywhere: please don't think you are alone in yours. We all have our own narrative of the ups and downs of our human existence, the pages of our lives stitched together with tears, and with laughter, sunshine and rain. Some of them are locked away in the prison of shame, the key long since lost. Some are barely under the surface, waiting for the right moment to come out, just like a seed waiting for the sunshine to warm the soil before it sprouts. Whoever you are, whatever your tale holds, and wherever you’re keeping it, just know that if we, as women, lock our arms together, we will see that there truly is Healing Through Stories.



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