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Transition isn't the place to stop. By Bambi Lynn

As I sit waiting for the birth of my thirteen grandson, I hear my daughter in love crying I can't do this anymore. My heart goes out to her because there is nothing, she can do but, to walk through the process. We forget that on the other side she will be holding her precious baby boy and will forget once again about the pain and how it got her here with a baby in her arms. When we are transiently to something all we can do is believe this too shall end. That darkness comes but, morning was also come to free up the darkness.

 I have given birth six times, and the pain is unbearable. Even breathing through it sometimes doesn't help. i also have had kidney stones. That pain is no breathing time, it continues until the stone moves out of the bladder. The pain must take place for the release of the stone. The relief you feel is like a breath of fresh air. you also hope it never happens again. Like when you hold that newborn, you say" not doing that again" only to have the desire for birth again.

I have been through a couple of hurricanes now living in Florida. The stores prepare for pandamonia and people come in and buy up everything on the shelve. People are scared for the unknown. They just need to feel like they are doing something. But when that wind picks up and the rain starts coming down, there is nothing that stops the storm. We cry out to God for the storm to end and panic because the storm is raging havoc all around it. After the storm stops and the silence hits the earth, the weather becomes calm again and sunshine takes over the sky but, it doesn't happen until after the storm.

Life is full of storms; life is full of transitions. They are meant to develop us. We never know when they are coming. We have no way to prepare for them. We have no way to stop them from coming. Pain is out our hands but, the effects of it and the way we deal with it. Sometimes walking through them is the hardest part of life because we don't know the outcome. We don't even know if we will even survive the transition. We have no idea what will happen after the storm. We won't know until the last step that we have come through. but we do know we have been changed. We know something is different.

The storms of life are unexpected, we go through stuff in our lives that take our breathe away. So many times, these things happen, and we are not prepared. How do you prepare for a diagnose, how do we prepared for a miscarriage, how do we prepare for death. These things bring us into the darkness. These are the times that we can't breathe. these are the times that we ask the pain to the stop. But we need to get through the transition to get to the other side. the pain is deeper in the darkest but, the day is coming. Not one person is immured to life's trials and life's pain. We all will endure hardship that will take us to a part in our life that we say, "I can't take anymore" We all we have a calmness after the storm and see that we have endured the darkness. We know we will never be the same again. We aren't sure at that moment where to go and what to do with ourselves because we have just got through something. Transitions was never meant to keep you as you are. They have always been for lessons. They are meant to allow us to see life through different eyes. To show us life like waves of the sea passing through and never to return as the same as before. We tell a before and after story but, yet all one book. Just added chapters Transitions don't last forever but, the lessons we learned will stay with us throughout our lives and maybe even after we pass through this life.


BY Bambi Lynn


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I have weathered many storms, but I am always comforted afterward from the people who have helped me stay afloat. Not always during the storm, but definitely after. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

Lisa Lundin

What a powerful article. It is good to remember the storms won’t last forever.

Rebecca Zilliox

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