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Stay Away from Negative People By Bambi Lynn

This past weekend I was at a festival In Darien, Georgia called the" Blessing of the Fleet" It's a festival every year, before the shrimp season, that the community blesses the captains, crew and boats, In the South it's a pretty big deal. All the boats are decked out to the hilt, The people in the community party it up with car shows, vendors, food trucks, parades and the last day "The Blessing." 

  I was a vendor this year. I am trying new ways to sell my books, can't believe I am saying "books" I have signed up for a few in the area, to make connections and make new friends in the art world of the south. Besides, the gnats that bit me up alive, I had a great time meeting people and making connections.

I do not know this woman's name but, her story inspired me. I asked her for a picture, and she said, "why not." her story was so inspiring and I with my grandson listened as she told it. This woman is eighty-one years old. but that's just the beginning of her awe-ness, she is a mountain climber. yes, you heard that right, last year she fell off a cliff while climbing with her walker, she had to swim to shore, which was hard for her, at the time because she just had a cortisone shot for her shoulders. My grandson and I just stood with our mouths opened as she continued to tell us about her adventures. I asked her for some wisdom and advice, she told me she stays away from negative people, she stays away from "no" people. She said she doesn't have time to be negative, too much life left to live, her smile and story was contagious. I was inspired by her story as it resonated to me for my own life.

The other day someone told me I was too happy all the time. At first, I was flattered until I realized she didn't mean it as a compliment. I then proceeded to tell her I knew what it was like to live in darkness and realized it's not a place I wanted to reside in.  I want to live a life that is worth living. The darkness of life can take your joy away. but you have to take it back. I remember in the 90s during revival services, we sang a song about going back into the enemy's camp and take back what he has stolen from us. If he has stolen your joy, run and get it back, the joy of the Lord is our strength, if you choose not to take his Joy then that is on you, because it is a free gift. 

 I can't change what has happened in my life but, I can change how I react to it, Life is full of choices, and we can choose to stay happy and joyful. My story has swallowed me up at times, my mind has overtaken my situation and has created a miserable outcome. but, when I hand those thoughts over, the joy that overcomes me is an overwhelming feeling of grace.

This woman that I forgot to get her name inspired me to look for the "yes" people for my life. She helped me to see what you can accomplish in life when you get rid of the negative thoughts and the negative people. I am not thinking I am climbing any mountains right now with cliffs. but I am up for an adventure that keeps me on a path to living

                                         I Hope there are days where you fall in love

                                         with being alive


                                        Staying Positive doesn't mean you have to be happy all

                                         the time

                                         It means that even on the hard days you know that there

                                          are better ones coming.

                                     Wash that negativity right out of your life


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I have seen you laugh at the darkness until it wasn’t dark anymore. This is a good reminder that sometimes the negative person I have to stay away from is me lol. I don’t want to be that to my own self

Virginia Gerde .

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