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But God written by Brenda Oberry

But God:

In people’s eyes, I am a walking miracle.

When I was first diagnosed back in April 2020, most people would be immediately devastated by the news.

You only have up to 4 years to live, because the cells have metastasized into your bones. But because of my

faith in the Promises of God, I didn’t allow the doctor’s words to override my faith. People all around me said

I was in denial and even so, I would be taken down by the reality test and diagnoses. But today over 4 years later,

I am living happily and healthy from the whole ordeal. I plan to live at least 15 more years. Why 15 yrs? Because

I felt in my heart upon my spiritual transformation, that He restored to me 15 years of my life. So I

believe I have at least that much longer to live.


I am the host of the Creative Writing Group in Woodbine GA and the authoress of: “A Touch of Heaven: An Ultimate Gift”


and to be available soon is my next book which tripled in size and is called: “Where God Inhabits: A People Within A People”.


You can order through my email or online through Amazon or Barnes and Noble and other book sites.

ISBN 9781685703608




Blessings, Brenda OBerry


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Thanks for sharing Hope for us all, I agree in prayer with you regarding your healing! God has bigger plans for you!

Sheryl Hawkins

I just love stories and testimonies where God steps in!! what a living testimony he has given you to share when people doubt there is a God


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