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Hi, my name is Bambi, took me thirty-two years to except the name I was given, but now I say my name with pride. I am a mother of six adult children and thirteen and counting grandchildren. Ever since my 7th grade teacher told me I had a gift to write I have never stopped. This is my first published book and many more to come. My passion is people, sitting around a table and listening to their stories and hoping mine gives them a little hope that storms don't last, and we will always get to the other side. I have worked in industries that give me the opportunity to speak to lots of people and hear lots of stories. I hope to change lives one life and door at a time. I believe that purpose is everything. when you find it run with it and make a difference for the kingdom. Let's continue this journey together.
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I want to thank you so much for sharing your story! Your home life with your dad was so similar to what I experienced as a child so I thank you! I’ve never been able to share my story but hearing someone else who had been through it as well truly was so helpful! I literally ready your book in two days and cried the whole book!

Taylor Lawrence

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